Bookham Chartered Physiotherapy Service


What are virtual consultations?

Virtual consultations is a 30 minute physio consultation using a video call system (or telephone) instead of hands on treatment at the clinic. We use the same assessment process as we use with you in clinic as we glean a lot of information from what you tell us and observing how you move – this is why virtual physio consultations have been shown to still be very effective. Video assessments can be used to address new conditions or improve existing conditions. Even though we can not use hands on treatment, we can use a number of other evidence based treatment techniques virtually including exercise, myofascial self-release and acupressure. We will send you a bespoke exercise rehabilitation programme via email after the session to enable you to manage and progress your treatment.

What do I need to have ready for the appointment?

  • Any device like a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer
  • If possible, it may be useful to have someone else video you so you are hands free. If that isn’t possible, you will need a place for your device to capture the whole of you on the video and so you can see us. You may need to be able to prop the camera up with you in view to be able to perform any exercises
  • An internet connection
  • Access to a private, well lit room where you won’t be disturbed
  • Be wearing comfortable clothing
  • Space around you as you may be asked to perform exercises
  • Have an email address we can send you the follow up exercises, or we can post them if that is a problem
  • For optimal experience all devices (Mac, Microsoft Windows, Pc) need google chrome installed. 

    For iOS devices (Apple iPhone) you will need the Jane video app installed (go to App Store).

    The Jane video app will just run silently in the background, once installed you do not need to access it, just join the meeting from your device.

Initial assessment including treatment

Insurance providers have their own individual prices
£ 45 30 minutes

Follow Up Treatment

Insurance providers have their own individual prices
£ 45 30 minutes

Due to Covid –19 we are unable to accept cash or cheques.

We accept all credit card types either in clinic or over the phone

Or you can pay by

Directly through your BCPS account

BACS: Company name Bookham Chartered Physiotherapy Service, Sort Code 20-29-90, Account no. 43633993, please use the patients name as the reference